20 Funny Stevie Wonder Memes

Here’s some funny Stevie Wonder memes to brighten your day.

Making fun of a disabled person is in bad taste, however, when have meme jokes ever been in good taste? We’re sure even Stevie Wonder would laugh at these jokes if he could see them? HA! See what we did there?

Forget your sensitivities and enjoy these Stevie Wonder memes.

Maybe I’m Blind

Everything I See Is Black

Happy Birthday from Stevie Wonder

When You Ask Your Dad For Some Money Stevie Wonder Memes

I Just Called To Say I Love You

Look Directly Into The Sun

I See What You Mean

Socially Awkward Stevie Wonder

I Don’t Need To Stinkin’ GPS

I Smell Something

Don’t Stare at The Eclipse

If They Ask For A Discount

Getting Divorced

The Cowboys Look Good This Year

When You Reverse At Night

Stevie Wonders Sees What You Did

That’s My Pool

Mad Stevie Wonders

I See What You Did There

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