20 Dream Memes to Inspire You in a Funny Way

Dreaming can be a wonderful experience. It represents your inner thoughts, desires, and passion in life. In some cases, it can also be prophetic, giving you a glimpse of your future. But you know what else makes dreaming extra special?

It’s when they are turned into really funny memes. And with that, here’s our best dream meme collection you can easily share with everyone you know! Go on, make them laugh!

Don’t Give Up Your Dreams

Never Pee In A Dream

I Heard You Like Dreams

I Don’t Always Remember My Dreams

Don’t Mind Me

Legend Says When You Can’t Sleep At Night

Midsummer Nights Dream

What If I Told You

The American Dream

I Had A Dream You Left Me

Living The Dream

I Have A Dream

Organize Our Favorites Using Folders

I Have A Dream That One Day

What If Our Whole Life Was Just A Dream

Oh You Remembered Your Dream From Last Night

The Future Is Shaped By Your Dreams

My Parents Will Understand

Falls Asleep In Class

I Have A Dream

Don’t forget to inspire people with your top dream meme from this list!