20 Hilarious Jeopardy Memes to Make You Miss Alex Trebek

The year 2020 is hitting hard. Just when you think things are looking up, life reminds you your bingo card of Destruction and Devastation isn’t filled out yet. In November 8, Alex Trebek, the well-loved Jeopardy host passed away.

Many people who grew up on the game show and the soothing sounds of the genial host’s voice were very saddened that a very important person in their childhood has passed away.

Popularizing intelligence in entertainment to his loyal audience, Alex Trebek leaves behind a legacy.

For those of you who will miss Alex Trebek on the show, here are some funny Jeopardy memes for you.

Age Of Signaling Adulthood

jeopardy age of consent memes

End Of The First Round

jeopardy bad luck brian memes

This Girl Is Typically Referred To As Beautiful

jeopardy beautiful girl memes

This Word Commonly Is Defined As Life

jeopardy ball life memes

F In School

jeopardy f in school memes

Jeopardy Fail

jeopardy fail memes

This Group Of Heroes Do Not Wear Capes

jeopardy heroes memes

I Don’t Always Watch Jeopardy

jeopardy i dont always memes

Lost At Jeopardy Like A Boss

jeopardy lost like a boss memes


jeopardy never memes

The Flower Pictured Here Is Called This

jeopardy pansy memes

Who Is The Spiciest Memelord

jeopardy spiciest memelord memes

Stepping On A Landmine

jeopardy stepping on a landmine memes

Happy Holidays To Emma From Teen Jeopardy

jeopardy teen dab memes

Valves Like A Trumpet

jeopardy trumpet memes

U.S. Cities

jeopardy us cities memes

Blue Video Game Character

jeopardy video game character memes

Oldest Plague

jeopardy what is life memes

First Ten Minutes Of This Disney Pixar Animated Film

jeopardy what is up memes

No Matter How Bad You Fail Remember This Guy

jeopardy won memes