20 Hilarious Shart Memes to Make You Not Want to Fart Again

Shart is what happens when you try to pass gas but suddenly involuntary pooped. It typically happens when you’re experiencing diarrhea or when you just took a laxative.

It isn’t only uncomfortable but it can be really embarrassing, too. If you’re out in public with your friends or if you’re with someone special, experiencing a shart can make you instantly regret letting out a fart.

If you’ve ever experienced that, here’s a totally hilarious shart meme collection that we’re sure you’ll find related. Enjoy!

That Moment When

When You Don’t Know

That Moment You Realize

That Face When You fart

Try To Poop



Oh No

Never Trust A Trust

Just Sharted

I Think I May Have

When You Accidentally Followed

I Feel A Great Disturbance

I Don’t Always Shart

How Do I Put This

Herro Herro 911

Has To Shart

Hands On Your Hips

Am I The Only One Around Here

Accidentally Sharted

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