25 Hilarious Tattoo Memes to Make Your Day Less Boring

There are so many reasons why people get tattooed. Others get inked just for the experience. There are people who try it out for the pain while some simply want to express creativity. There are people who get tattoos as a way to remember a person or an event.

Because tattoos are generally permanent, you need to really consider the decision as well as the tattoo you’ll get before meeting with a tattoo artist. Otherwise, you can end up with marks in your body you’ll regret for the next coming years.

While you’re thinking about getting inked, here’s a hilarious tattoo meme collection to entertain you. Go ahead and give yourself a good laugh.

You Want A Tattoo

When You’re A Tattoo Artist

Why So Serious

When Your Tattoo Artist

When Someone Says

The Moment

The Face

That Feeling

Tattoo Artist

So You Are A Piercer

Some Poor Life Decisions

People Be Like

Other Best Friends

Do Tattoos Hurt

My Body Is My Journal

My Story

Is This A Remix

Ink Me

I’m Sorry

I Got A Tattoo

I Didn’t Choose 

He Thought

That Moment

Do Tattoos

Bargains Are For

Remember to pick your favorite tattoo meme and share it with everyone you know!