75 I’m Done Quotes For When You Need To Finally Let Go

We all have that somebody in our lives who tests our patience. We give and we give, and they take and take. It’s often a toxic relationship where the other person breaks things and you’re the one who always has to put things back together again.

When the proverbial straw breaks the camel’s back, we’ll be right here with our beautiful I’m done quotes. Because we don’t need the relentless drama and stress in our lives. We just have to accept that sometimes, we need to let go of people to be happy.

I’m Done Quotes

By the time I’m done with a project, it’s taken so long that I usually don’t even like it anymore. I only see the things I wish I’d done differently. – Sydney Pollack

Do not abuse good and patient people. They can forgive a thousand times, but when they decide to leave, they never return.

Every time I say I’m done I find myself trying again. – Kaye Gurrea

I don't care anymore quote

Whatever. I don’t care anymore. I’m done.

At some piont, something inside me clicked and I realized I don’t have to deal with this bullshit ever again.

Don’t ask me why I’m treating you cold. I’m not. I just quit trying and expecting. I’m tired of getting my hopes up and being disappointed.

Beautiful day after clouds disappear quote

Some people are like clouds. Once they disappear, it’s a beautiful day.

Even the strongest feelings expire when ignored and taken for granted.

Have a nice life. I’m done trying to be in it.

I am done with great things and big things, great institutions and big success, and I am for those tiny invisible molecular moral forces that work from individual to individual, creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets, or like the capillary oozing of water, yet which if you give them time, will rend the hardest monuments of man’s pride. – William James

Now I'm done quote

My walls are up, my heart is numb. I used to love you, but now I’m done.

I am done with temporary people. Stay only if you mean it. Don’t make promises you can’t keep! – Kanushka

I am done with the past, the future has plenty of room for change. – Cyrile Dayao

I am fed up. I am fed up with tears and weakness. – Veronica Roth

I definitely am done with as much drama as I can be done with. I don’t think it helps me with any of my business endeavors or the things that I’m excited about. – Farrah Abraham

turcois ominek quote

I’m guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve but when I’m done, I’m done. – Turcois Ominek

Is done an emotion? Because I feel it all the time.

It’s sad to know I’m done. But looking back, I’ve got a lot of great memories. – Bonnie Blair

Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny. – Steve Maraboli

Maybe in my 20s I was a little more lively. But I’m done with that. – Peter Dinklage

george c marshall quote

When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back. Look forward to your next objective. – George C. Marshall

I’m tired of trying to get other people to see into my brain. I’m done. – Todd McFarlane

I’ve done all my tricks. I’m tired of myself. – Sandra Bullock

No, I don’t hate you. I’m just done with you.

Once I retire, I’m retiring. I’m done. – Michael Phelps

deborah reber quote

Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself. – Deborah Reber

Once upon a time, I could sing for three hours. Now, when you see me say ‘I’m done,’ I’m done; ain’t nothing left till the next night. – Bobby Womack

I’m so tired I never want to wake up again. But I’ve figured out now that it was never them that made me feel that way. It was just me, all along. – Maggie Stiefvater

I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. – Charlie Sheen

Once you give up, you know you’re done. – Gerald Green

action bronson quote

I’m naturally a nice person. I’m not trying to have any problems with people. I’m done with the drama and trouble. I want a stress-free life. – Action Bronson

I’m one of those people where, if I go back and look at it, I’m going to feel like, ‘I wish I would have… ‘ I need to just leave it on the floor. What’s done is done. – Regina King

Sometimes, giving someone a second chance is like giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first.

I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done. – Bruce Lee

When I’m done with something, I’m done. I don’t go back and listen to and pine for my old albums, or the Lollapalooza days, or ‘Psalm 69’ selling millions of records. Maybe I’m really just getting old and mellow. – Al Jourgensen

david draiman quote

I’m done. Done with social media. Done. – David Draiman

I don’t stop when I’m tired. I only stop when I’m done. – Marilyn Monroe

Sometimes the only way you can feel good about yourself is by making someone else look bad. And I’m tired of making other people feel good about themselves. – Dan Castellaneta

When I’m retired someday, when I’m done playing football, that’s when I’ll be relaxing and look back at some things – Aaron Donald

I get a little tired of people telling me what might have been. I think I’ve done OK. I don’t dwell on what might have been. – Ken Griffey Jr.

andii sundari quote

I just wish you knew how much I liked you. But now since you decided to leave I’m done trying. I’m done with you because the last thing I want now is to be with you. – Andii Sundari

I just can’t break. If I break, I’m done. So I don’t break. – Hannah Simone

Perfection to me is, I walk away from a situation and say, ‘I did everything I could do right there. There was nothing more that I could do.’ I was a hundred percent, like the meter was at the top. There was nothing else I could have done. You know? Like, I worked as hard as I possibly could have. That’s perfection. – Drake

When you think about retiring, you’re done. You already checked out. – Frank Gore

I literally have no more fight left in me when it comes to friendships and relationships. If you want to go, go.

bill maher quote

I am so tired of rearranging my life around what the stupidest people might do. – Bill Maher

I’m literally so tired of being nice to people and going out of my way to make sure they’re okay and happy just to be treated like shit.

We need to learn to let go as easily as we grasp and we will find our hands full and our minds empty. – Leo F. Buscaglia

I’m not someone who gives up easily, but I know when to walk away. When I’m done, I’m done.

I’m done chasing after people if you want to walk out of my life I’ll hold the door open for you. – Hallie

leo f buscaglia quote

We need to learn to let go as easily as we grasp and we will find our hands full and our minds empty. – Leo F. Buscaglia

I look back on my life like a good day’s work, it was done and I am satisfied with it. – Grandma Moses

People are fed up with seeing the same thing over and over. They want a qualitative change.” – Amitabh Bachchan

I pop, I break, I love, and I crave, but when push comes to shove, we’re done. – Dominic Riccitello

I still miss you and maybe even still like you, but I’m done chasing you. – Anmol Andore

gift gugu mona quote

After all is said and done, make sure you are not sad and down. – Gift Gugu Mona

I think I’m decisive, and I like to get things done quickly. So if that comes across as intimidation, I’m sorry to hear it. But it’s more in the interest of getting things done. – Anna Wintour

I’m done. I’ve wasted enough tears for people who don’t even care.

You can only do so much grunting and groaning and then you’re done, you know? – Craig T. Nelson

I’m done saying ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t who you needed or wanted me to be’ to everybody in my life. – Diane Lane

Done with toxic people quote

I’m so done with toxic people in my life.

I’m done with trying to keep people in my life. – Jeetu Pal

When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back. Look forward to your next objective. – George C. Marshall

I’m fed up with the idiots. – Sean Connery

I’m going to be done when I’ve decided that I’m done. – David Ortiz

Tired of seeking approval quote

I’m done with trying to seek other people’s approval. From here on now it’s just me and approving myself. I’m done.

I’m done with trying to be perfect. A perfect body belongs to somebody else – and it’s not me. – Geri Halliwell

I’m not done with love, but I refuse to settle. – Halle Berry

I’m officially done trying. If you want me in your life, you can come find me. Until then, continue treating me like I don’t exist. – Quinton Riley

I’m done with men… I’m going to be alone. I have no luck with relationships. I don’t think I’m made for marriage. – Halle Berry

Keeping out of arguments quote

I’m so done with people… If you tell me 5+5 equals 11, I’m like, fine.. okay.. It is 11. – Sathyarekha Thangavel

I’m done with people, I’m done with life, more you get involved, more you cry, more tears fall, more hearts cry. – Shifa Khan

It’s over. I’m done. No more trying. – Nicole Tran

I’m done with rules that are there just to be rules. – Brad Paisley

I’m done with those; regrets are an excuse for people who have failed. – Ned Vizzini