50 Acceptance Quotes That Will Change The Way You Look At Life


Acceptance is not an easy thing to do but it’s something you must conquer if you want to make the most out of your life. It will help you recover from the painful things that happened to you and it can help you look forward to the positive things that are about to come your way. If you’re not sure where to begin, these 50 amazing acceptance quotes can definitely help.

The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. – Brian Tracy

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. – Nathaniel Branden

Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons. – Jessica Lange

jessica lange acceptance quotes

I found that laughter was a form of acceptance, and I really enjoyed that and I just – I crave it. – Gabriel Iglesias

I think tolerance and acceptance and love is something that feeds every community. – Lady Gaga

The antiquity and general acceptance of an opinion is not assurance of its truth. – Pierre Bayle

Acceptance of one’s life has nothing to do with resignation; it does not mean running away from the struggle. On the contrary, it means accepting it as it comes, with all the handicaps of heredity, of suffering, of psychological complexes and injustices. – Paul Tournier

Happiness can exist only in acceptance. – George Orwell

george orwell acceptance quotes

There is no substitute for hard work, 23 or 24 hours a day. And there is no substitute for patience and acceptance. – Cesar Chavez

Acceptance is different than apathy. It is important to strive to be your best self, your healthiest, most productive, joyful self. But that is going to be a different answer to everyone. – Teri Hatcher

Acceptance and assimilation, you know, breeds mediocrity and perhaps an even more sheep-like conformism in terms of what kind of music you’re supposed to listen to if you’re gay… What are you supposed to look like? What’s your body supposed to look like? – John Cameron Mitchell

It’s important to remember that the animals are not grieving with us. They’re very accepting. They’re not lying there thinking ‘How could you do this to me? Why aren’t you keeping me going?’ Pets don’t do the human things of guilt and anger and recrimination that we do. They come and go with great acceptance. – Jon Katz

Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it. – Michael J. Fox

michael j fox acceptance quotes

The acceptance of certain realities doesn’t preclude idealism. It can lead to certain breakthroughs. – Rem Koolhaas

The acceptance of death gives you more of a stake in life, in living life happily, as it should be lived. Living for the moment. – Sting

I feel blessed and humbled that people have loved my music. Nothing would be possible without their acceptance. – A. R. Rahman

At the heart of personality is the need to feel a sense of being lovable without having to qualify for that acceptance. – Paul Tournier

Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. – William James

william james acceptance quotes

Social acceptance, ‘being liked,’ has so much power because it holds the feelings of loneliness at bay. – Rollo May

Any natural, normal human being, when faced with any kind of loss, will go from shock all the way through acceptance. – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I think it’s important to remember that Christianity was based in love and tolerance and forgiveness and acceptance. – Kristin Chenoweth

As I get older, the more I stay focused on the acceptance of myself and others, and choose compassion over judgment and curiosity over fear. – Tracee Ellis Ross

The art of acceptance is the art of making someone who has just done you a small favor wish that he might have done you a greater one. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

martin luther king jr acceptance quotes

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Bad humor is an evasion of reality; good humor is an acceptance of it. – Malcolm Muggeridge

I’ve learned that universal acceptance and appreciation is just an unrealistic goal. – Dan Brown

Many people resented my impatience and honesty, but I never cared about acceptance as much as I cared about respect. – Jackie Robinson

‘Age’ is the acceptance of a term of years. But maturity is the glory of years. – Martha Graham

Wonder Woman is a fighter, better than most, but it’s what she fights for that is important. It’s her vision of a future of peace and acceptance that makes her the right ambassador for everyone. – Gal Gadot

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I’m not wise, but the beginning of wisdom is there; it’s like relaxing into – and an acceptance of – things. – Tina Turner

Acceptance of prevailing standards often means we have no standards of our own. – Jean Toomer

Acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it brings something entirely new into this world. That peace, a subtle energy vibration, is consciousness. – Eckhart Tolle

Body love is more than acceptance of self or the acceptance of the body. Body love is about self-worth in general. It’s more than our physical appearance. – Mary Lambert

Acceptance is not love. You love a person because he or she has lovable traits, but you accept everybody just because they’re alive and human. – Albert Ellis

albert ellis acceptance quotes

Be willing to have it so. Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. – William James

‘Star Trek’ is about acceptance, and the strength of the Starship Enterprise is that it embraces diversity in all its forms. – George Takei

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The acceptance of the facts of African-American history and the African-American historian as a legitimate part of the academic community did not come easily. Slavery ended and left its false images of black people intact. – John Henrik Clarke

Attitude is your acceptance of the natural laws, or your rejection of the natural laws. – Stuart Chase

Acceptance of the power of God in one’s life lays the groundwork for personal commitment to both science and Christianity, which so often have been in conflict. – Kenneth L. Pike

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The first thing a kindness deserves is acceptance, the second, transmission. – George MacDonald

Parents need to teach their children principles of respect and acceptance. – Zachary Quinto

The acceptance that all that is solid has melted into the air, that reality and morality are not givens but imperfect human constructs, is the point from which fiction begins. – Salman Rushdie

Gay rights and body acceptance are two things I feel very passionately about. – Mary Lambert

For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining, is to let it rain. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Certainly tolerance and acceptance were at the forefront of my music. – Bruce Springsteen

The acceptance of ‘Quantico’ so far has been really great. At the moment, I’m just straddling two continents far away from each other, with very active careers in both! – Priyanka Chopra

It was gradually learned that acceptance of a somewhat higher inflation rate would not really bring somewhat higher employment. – Edmund Phelps

Acceptance does not mean that you placidly acquiesce to the myriad injustices that are all around you. In fact, that you are incensed about these injustices is the very reason you need to try your level best to ‘right’ these ‘wrongs.’ – Srikumar Rao

Acceptance doesn’t mean that life gets better; it just means that my way of living life on life’s terms improves. – Sharon E. Rainey

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