20 Hilarious First Day of School Memes You Will Surely Relate To


Going back to school isn’t that exciting, especially when you have to go back to your monotonous daily routine. Instead of having leisure time, you’ll have to face tons of homework and early bedtimes.

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Now, to lighten up your mood a bit, check out these really cool first day of school memes that can surely reflect how you feel.

Baby Don’t Want To Go Back

I Survived

Everyone Share Something

When A Teacher Starts A Lesson

Brace Yourselves

Just As One Does Not Simply

How Teachers Look Pulling Up

Face Of Robert Downey Jr For First Day of School

What If Your Teacher Expects You To Learn Something

When A Teacher Actually Starts Teaching

Teacher Ask You To Tell The Class A Few Thing About Yourself

Why You Crying About

What If I Told You

Parents Look Like When Children Back In School

Difference of Kinder Garden and High School

When You Get Homework

Leonardo Dicarpio Cheers For First Day of School

Terror Teacher That You Don’t Want To Have

How Parents Lookin At Their Kid

A Lazy Student Reaction

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