20 Extremely Funny Test Memes Every Student Can Surely Relate To

Anxiety, stress, fear- those are just some of the things students feel during exam day. It feels like no matter how hard you prepare, you’re still bound to get cold, sweaty skin as soon as you receive the questions. And you know what’s worse? It’s waiting for the results.

If you are just about to take an exam or you’ve just taken one, try your best to relax and stay calm. It’ll help you think straight and really focus on the questions.

And to help you calm your nerves, we have a really funny test meme collection you should totally check out. Scroll down and enjoy!

Literally aftermath test

After math Test Meme

When in doubt, choose all of the above

All of the above Test Meme

Now that’s an answer i haven’t use for a long time

C is the answer Test Meme

When test is important but game is importanter

Call of duty Test Meme

Why haven’t i thought about this?

Cant fail Test Meme

Cheating level : Chinese

Cheating level Test Meme

When you get an A and you did not study

Getting A Test Meme

I got 100 ways on how to get it wrong

I did not failed Test Meme

Congrats bro!

I passed Test Meme

Math class vs Math test

Math class Test Meme

Teachers on every exam week

Ready Break Test Meme

I feel you girl

That feeling Test Meme

I suddenly can’t remember anything

two plus two Test Meme

There’s a high chance that i might feel but jjereo !

When exams are over Test Meme

Every student is a great actor

When teacher is watching you Test Meme

Why do i have to prolong my suffering when i can just repeat it next summer?

When you finished early Test Meme

I did my best , but i guess my best wasn’t good enough

When you think you did well Test Meme

We did it guys!

When you thought Test Meme

Can’t believe we made it

When you unexpectedlly do well Test Meme

Get me one of this

When you want to sleep Test Meme

Why do teachers like to make thing complicated?

Why do teachers ask Test Meme

You failed to educate me twice

You failed twice Test Meme

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