18 Blonde Memes That Are Brutally Funny

Blondes are beautiful. With their hair color and blue eyes, they are truly eye-catching.

Unfortunately, not all people perceive blondes well. In fact, they are often the subject of humor and society tends to be hard on them. Even the internet just can’t stop creating memes about whether they are dumb or not.

For today, we present to you these hilarious blonde memes you can find on the internet. Go ahead and check them out.

A Kid Asked

Bruised Belly Buttons

Criminals Do Not

Dumb Blondes

Everybody Says

Fake Blonde?

Hears Blonde 

How Do You

If A Blonde Throws


In France

James Blond

Oh You’re A Bleach Blonde

See Legally Blonde

What Did The Blonde Say

Blonde Moment

Which Of The Following Is The Largest

Why Do Blondes Always Smile

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