20 Auto-Correct Memes You’ll Be Really Happy to Share

While autocorrect is a helpful feature, it can drive you nuts, too. When you need to say something to someone and a different word comes out, you can expect misunderstandings and arguments after. Sounds inconvenient, right?

The good thing is that autocorrect isn’t entirely bad. In fact, it can potentially turn your gloomy day around. If you’re curious to know how, just check out our collection below. We have the funniest autocorrect meme collection you’ll ever see. Enjoy!

Auto Correct

Before Smartphones

Changes It

Dear Autocorrect

Do I Look Fat

High As

I Correct Autocorrect


I’m Not Sure What

I See

I Wanna

Makes Me Say

Morning Run

My Autocorrect

New Girl

No Pick Up

That Awkward Moment

The Man

When Autocorrect Tries

When Your Phone

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