18 Amish Memes That Are Just Plain Hilarious

Amish people have a unique way of living their lives. Mostly, it involves farming and spending their day without the presence of technology. While that sounds practical and convenient, a lot of people aren’t a fan of their way of life. That is where Amish memes come from.

And today, we have our very own Amish meme collection to share with you. See the memes below and just have a good laugh today!

When You Finally

When An Amish Person

When Amish Girls

What If

That Amish Furniture

Don’t Use Electricity

The War

Not Sure If Hipster

Look What They Did

I Said

I’m Going To Stop

I Like To Make Memes

How Do You

Has 7 Children

Gonna Party Like

Amish People

Extremely Religious

Churn Down

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