15 Chucky Memes That Are Just Plain Funny

Chucky is probably one of the most terrifying characters people in the 90s have seen. He appeared in several movies with the latest, Cult of Chucky, released in 2017. The Good Guy doll is a killer that had his soul put into the doll through a voodoo. And despite his size and being a doll, he actually possesses the strength of a full grown man. If you’ve ever seen one of his movies, you’d know how terrifying Chucky is.

However, for this particular collection, we’re showing you a different side to the character. Here’s a really funny Chucky meme collection that will surely make you smile.

All Grown Up

Chicks Be Like


Moms Be Like

Gets A Toy Doll

Annabelle Be Like

Have A Doll They Said

How Your Grandma

I’m A Good Guy

I Took Out

Me Looking In

Remember Chucky

When You First

When You’re Stuck


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