25 Wisdom Teeth Memes That Are Too Funny For Words

Getting one’s wisdom teeth out is NEVER fun. However, when you’re not on the receiving end, it’s loads of fun laughing at people under the effects of anesthesia. They’re conscious but barely and look more like somnambulists than anything.

One memorable video was of siblings who made their little sister believe there was a zombie invasion. Those two older brothers really prepared a lot. That was a load of laughs!

Predictably, there are many funny wisdom teeth memes too. Whether you’re looking for something that’ll make your day better or you’re just simply bored, below is a funny meme collection you can enjoy.

When You Take Out Your Wisdom Teeth

Yeah They Put Me Under To Remove My Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Out

wisdom teeth out meme

Some Say People Are No Longer In Need Of My Wisdom

wisdom teeth some say meme

Wisdom Teeth Pulled On Friday

Only Got 95 Problems

wisdom teeth one problem meme

Wisdom Tooth

Nothing Wise About These Motherf*ckers

Just Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out They Said

wisdom teeth they said meme

I Remember The Day I Got My Wisdom Teeth Out

wisdom teeth i remember meme

I Can’t Wait To Meet Your Parents Today

After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Eating After

GF Recently Had Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

Had To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

wisdom teeth removed meme

Has To Get Wisdom Teeth Out

wisdom teeth has out meme

Before And After Getting Wisdom Teeth Out

wisdom teeth before and after meme

I’ll Have You Know

wisdom teeth cried meme

Go Home Wisdom Tooth

wisdom teeth go home meme

Had To Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

wisdom teeth had to get removed meme

Hey Girl

wisdom teeth hey girl meme

Gets His Wisdom Teeth Pulled

wisdom teeth iq drops meme

Gotta Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed

wisdom teeth jesus take the wheel meme

Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth memorable times meme

Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out Starter Pack

wisdom teeth starter pack meme

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