18 Wine Memes That Will Get You Drunk From Laughter

For most of the connoisseurs of the world, fine dining wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of the most delicious wine. Because of this known lavish tradition, it isn’t surprising to find the internet trolling over people indulging in their favorite wines.

Since memes about wine are all over the internet, we took the liberty of creating this really funny wine meme collection. Enjoy!

I Don’t Always Drink Wine

Jesus Was Here

Me At A Wine Tasting

One Does Not Simply

One Glass Of Wine A Day

So You Compare The Wine

The Day

The Only Thing Better

The Wine Is So Dry And Bitter

When I’m In The Wine Aisle

When Someone Asks


According To My Calculations

Asks You To Recommend A Wine

Let Wine Breathe

Did Someone Say Birthday Wine

Having A Glass Of Wine

Me: Red Or White?

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