22 Diarrhea Memes to Get You Laughing So Hard

Having diarrhea is nowhere near fun. Just when you thought you’re all done, your stomach hurts and you’re left with no choice but to return inside the toilet. There’s really no problem if you can get to the toilet in time. But if your diarrhea decides to attack when you’re way too far from the toilet, disaster can happen.

Diarrhea, however, isn’t always a bad thing. When turned into a meme, it can get really funny.

And if you are looking for the funniest diarrhea meme, you’re in luck. Today’s collection contains the funniest meme you’ll ever see about diarrhea. Scroll down and have a great time!

About To Sit On the Toilet

After The War

Ate Lucky Charms

But Wait

Explosive Diarrhea

Farts In Public


I Don’t Always

In Case Of

I’ve Been Having

Life Is Like

Is The Men’s Side Relaxed

My Asshole

My Love For You

Not Sure If

Out Of Toilet Paper

Where Will You Be

When You’re In Public

When You Try To Clench

When You Walk Out Of

Where Will You Be

You Get Diarrhea

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