20 Throat Punch Memes That’ll Hit Your Haters Hard


Not everyone you meet will have the same humor as you. There’ll be people who’ll annoy you, test your patience, and really get into your nerves.

In dealing with those people, it’s best to stay cool and remain calm. But of course, you shouldn’t just let their actions or nasty comments slide, right?

With that, here’s a really handy throat punch meme collection you can use. While you won’t be able to punch them physically, you’d still be able to hit them hard with the following memes!

Looks like I have to bippity-boppity-throat punch a bitch

Alright dearie Throat punch Meme

Bring it on!

Bring it on Throat punch Meme

Lord, give me patience

Give me patience Throat punch Meme

Mufasa hold my tail

Give me the strength Throat punch Meme

I don’t always punch stupid people

I don't always Throat punch Meme

You better shut up

I really wanna Throat punch Meme

If only there was an app

I tried to Throat Punch Meme

Don’t push me to my limits

I will Throat punch Meme

Happy throat punch Thursday everyone

Keep calm Throat punch Meme

Maybe you should shut up

Maybe you should Throat punch Meme


Professionalism Throat punch Meme

Rock, paper, scissors and throat punch

Rock paper scissors Throat punch Meme

A mood

Sometimes i want to Throat punch Meme

Target locked

Target locked Throat punch Meme

Tag that coworker friend of yours

That overly happy coworker Throat punch Meme

The next time I have to deal with a stupid person

The next time Throat punch Meme

Together BAAM!

They keep talking Throat punch meme

Today’s Forecast: Grumpy with a chance of throat punch

Today's forecast Throat Punch Meme

You inspire my knuckles to punch you

When i see your face Throat punch Meme

When you can’t wait for throat punch Thursday

When i see your face Throat punch Meme

What’s going on inside my mind right now

When you think Throat punch Meme

When you’re trying to get high with the lord

When you want to Throat punch Meme

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