30 Throat Punch Memes That’ll Hit Your Haters Hard

Not everyone you meet will have the same humor as you. There’ll be people who’ll annoy you, test your patience, and really get on your nerves.

In dealing with those people, it’s best to stay cool and remain calm. But of course, you shouldn’t just let their actions or nasty comments slide, right?

With that, here’s a really handy throat punch meme collection you can use. While you won’t be able to punch them physically, you’d still be able to hit them hard with the following memes!

Alright Drearie

throat punch alright drearie meme

Throat Punch Thursday

Bring it on Throat punch Meme

Lord Give Me Patience

Give me patience Throat punch Meme

Give Me The Strength

Give me the strength Throat punch Meme

I Don’t Always Punch Stupid People

throat punch i dont always meme

I Really Want To Throat Punch You Right Now

I really wanna Throat punch Meme

I Tried To Throat Punch You Via Text

I tried to Throat Punch Meme

I Will Punch You In The Throat

I will Throat punch Meme

Keep Calm And Punch Throats

throat punch keep calm meme

Maybe You Should Shut Up

Maybe you should Throat punch Meme


throat punch professionalism meme

Rock Paper Scissors

throat punch rock paper scissors meme

Sometimes I Want To Punch Myself

Sometimes i want to Throat punch Meme

Target Acquired

Target locked Throat punch Meme

That Overly Happy Coworker

That overly happy coworker Throat punch Meme

The Next Time I Have To Deal With A Stupid Person

The next time Throat punch Meme

They Kept Talking And Boom

throat punch kept talking meme

Today’s Forecast

throat punch todays forecast meme

Sometimes When I See Yo Face

throat punch when i see yo face meme

When You Think

throat punch when you think meme

When You Want To Throat Punch Someone

When you want to Throat punch Meme

When You Want To Throat Punch A Bitch

throat punch a bitch meme

Did Somebody Call For A Throat Punch

throat punch did somebody call meme

When You Want To Throat Punch Somebody

throat punch gettin right with the lord meme

Throat Punch

throat punch in 3 2 meme

I’m Smiling

throat punch in my mind meme

Throat Punch

throat punch is a go meme

I Believe In Karma

throat punch karma meme

You Are Authorized

throat punch operation meme


throat punch smile meme

Throwback Thursday Just Became Throat Punch Thursday

throat punch thursday meme

You Get A Throat Punch

throat punch you get meme

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