20 Funny Wife Memes That Hit Too Close To Home

Women rule! If you don’t agree with this, your married life is guaranteed to be uncomfortable to say the least. So worship at her feet, help out at home, and send her the occasional flowers. We guarantee you’ll be a happy husband soon enough.

Check out these funny wife memes and see which you most relate with.

9 Out Of 10 Husbands

My Wife’s Face

Are You Involved

Doesn’t Cook

Every Man Has This Look

Every Time You Talk To Your Wife

talk to your wife memes

Happy Wife Happy Life

I’m So Proud You Got Promoted

wife so proud memes

Knows His Wife Is Trying To Sleep

Mad With Your Wife

wife mad memes

Marriage Is A Relationship

wife marriage memes

Married Life

wife married life memes

Says You Can Go Out With Friends

Waiting For My Wife To Get Ready

wife waiting memes

What Do You Do

Your Wife At Home

wife at home memes

If My Wife Is Pissed Off For No Good Reason

wife is pissed off memes

When We’re Already Late

wife late memes

I Have No Trouble When I’m Wrong

wife wrong memes

That Moment You Realize Your Wife’s Wrath Is Scarier

wife wrath memes

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