25 Funny Third Wheel Memes For People Stuck With Amorous Couples

First off, let us offer our condolences if you’re the infamous third wheel in your party of three. You get the awkward seat for the duration of your meet-up. It’s okay when your friends are sensitive to their surroundings but not-so-okay when they’re making out in front of your salad. Some people are single, right?

If you want to look at the bright side while you’re trying to look the other way, think of it like this. You’ll get two friends instead of one. You’ll even get to learn the dos and dont’s of relationships unintentionally from your friends. And when you need someone to lean on, there’ll be two people who’ll comfort you.

When you can’t take it anymore though, just post a third wheel meme on social media.

Awkward Moment

third wheel awkward moment meme

Come With Us They Said

When You’re Third Wheeling

I Have No Clue

third wheel i have no idea meme

I Told Him

third wheel i told him meme

Namjoon The Third Wheel

Joke’s On Them

Relationship Status

Third Wheel Selfie

Sometimes It’s Obvious

third wheel sometimes its obvious meme

That Awkward Moment

third wheel that awkward moment meme

When You’re The 3rd Wheel

They Say

This Guy Is The Third Wheel King

When You Agree To Third Wheel

third wheel when you agree meme

When You Are The Third Wheel

when you are the third wheel meme

When You’ve Been A Third Wheel

Why Am I Here

third wheel why am i here meme

Come Join Us For Dinner They Said

third wheel dinner meme

Don’t Think Of Yourself As A Third Wheel

third wheel dont think of yourself meme

When You’re The Third Wheel On A Date

third wheel on a date meme

When You’re A Third Wheel On A Date

third wheel start making out meme

Tag Someone That’s Always The Third Wheel

third wheel tag someone meme

When Your Friend Says

third wheel when your friend says meme

When You Realize You’re The Third Wheel

when you realize third wheel meme

When You’re The Third Wheel

youre the third wheel meme