30 Lonely Memes to Make You Feel Less Alone

As a human, you are a natural social creature. When you’re isolated from others, it’s normal for you to feel alone. And once you find yourself in such situation, you can’t avoid feeling sad and depressed.

Now, to make you feel a lot better, we have this lonely meme collection you can use to express how you feel. Scroll down and let others know how you’re feeling.

I’m Waiting

lonely waiting meme

Missing You



lonely anybody meme

I Am Lonely

When Someone Tries To Hurt Your Feelings

lonely dead inside meme

When Ur Trying Your Best

Someone Called Me

lonely wrong number meme

I’m Sad

So Lonely

Lonely I Am So Lonely

I’m So Lonely

When You Go Inactive

lonely inactive meme

That Moment When

lonely that moment when meme

People Say

When The Pubg Squad Is Full

lonely pubg meme

Lonely Day

Feeling Lonely

Without You

Sometimes I Wonder

Is Anyone There

lonely anyone there meme

I Can’t Wait For My Day Off

lonely day off meme

If Your Fridge Is Empty

lonely fridge is empty meme

Sometimes I’m Just Like

lonely hug meme

This Summarizes My Love Life

lonely love life meme

So Lonely

lonely need home now meme

Loses Phone

lonely no new texts meme

Me Realizing I’ll Be Single Forever

lonely realizing meme

Not Sure If Piles Of Tissues Means He’s Sick

lonely tissue meme

If You’re Sad About Being Alone

lonely valentines day meme

Don’t forget to pick your favorite lonely meme and share it with everyone you know!