25 Santa Memes to Make You Laugh This Christmas

Admit it or not, you’ve probably believed in the idea of Santa Claus at some point in your life. After all, we’re all made to believe that there’s this one man dressed in a red suit that delivers gifts to good kids during Christmas.

Now that you’re not a kid anymore, we’ll share with you some really funny memes about Santa you’ve never seen before. And we guarantee that you’ll find yourself in fits of laughter after checking out this Santa meme collection below.

All I Want

Before You Laugh

Dear Santa

Delivering Presents

Doesn’t Exist

Elves Make All

Give Presents

He Sees You

Ho Ho Ho!

He Knows

I’ve Seen

List I Must

My Dog’s Favorite

No Lift

Sees You

Someone’s Cookies

Takes Credit

These Mexicans

When The Store

When You Find

When You’re Eating

Who You

Works 1 Day

You Are Not

You Know

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