20 Funny But True Sagittarius Memes


Sagittarius is said to be one of the most powerful signs. They’re idealistic and competitive. They are very giving and outrageously funny. They thrive on adventure and thrills.

However, there are a few qualities that people dislike about them. For one, Sagittarius are very impatient and tactless. They speak exactly how their minds dictate which can be a little harsh for other people.

If you or someone you know is born under this sign, here’s a funny Sagittarius meme collection we’re sure you’ll enjoy sharing.

Aaah Sagittarius Season Has Arrived

Advantage Of Being A Sagittarius

Imma Let You Libra’s And Scorpio’s Finish

Capricorns Be Like

Dad What’s Happening Down There

How Other Zodiac Signs Look 

I Be On My Sagittarius Shit

I’m A Sagittarius I Don’t Like

I’m Single Because We Were Incompatible

Ima Let You All Finish But 

It’s Sagittarius Season

Keep Calm 

Mess With A Sagittarius

My Sagittarius Sun Wants Freedom

Sagittarius Its Time To

Sagittarius Self Improvement Mantra

What’s That Coming Over The Horizon

The Look On Their Face

Waiting For A Sagittarius To Hit You Up First

We All Know

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