18 Extremely True And Hilarious Facebook Memes

A lot of people today can’t live without being on Facebook. Seeing how it connects people, it’s not really surprising why. It allows people to share stories, react to other people’s posts, and communicate with each other.

Simply put, it has a massive influence on people that it has started to take over our lives. And to prove our point, here’s a collection of funny Facebook memes that will surely leave you nodding in agreement.

Didn’t Log Out Of My Facebook

Facebook Is Like The Fridge


How Does Facebook Know It’s My Birthday

I Don’t Always Facebook Stalk

I Don’t Know Who You Are But

I Don’t Remember Saying

I’m Going To Delete My Facebook

I’m Just Here

Likes Your Status

My Face When You Ignore My Text

Not Sure If I Hate Facebook

Posting Memes As A Facebook Response

Somebody Come Here

What Do You Mean

What Is Your Status

Forget To Clear Browsing History

You’re Changing Your Facebook Status

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