20 Funny Lurking Memes That Are 100% True

Admit that at one point, you’ve stalked your ex incessantly. You’re curious to know what he’s up to, where he’s headed and most especially, who’s with him. So, you check out those people and see things you’re not really supposed to see.

Stalking is fun as it satisfies your curiosity. Unfortunately, it can also hurt you real bad. And if you ever felt such way, don’t worry. We perfectly understand.

This is exactly why we present to you our lurking meme collection to make you feel a bit better.  Enjoy!

How 99% Of Social Media Lurking Is Done

I Can Lurk For 2 Minutes And Find The Bitch You Talking To

I See You Lurking Around

I Should Post Something

If Lurking And Page Watching Was A Job

I’m Just Here Lurking

Is U Mad Or Nah

Just In Case You’re Lurking

Lurk Lurk Lurk Lurk Lurk

Lurk Moar

Me After I’ve Finished Lurking

You Told Us You Were Over Your Ex

Want Your Feelings Hurt

When I First Start Lurking Vs After I’m Done Lurking

When U See Something U Didn’t Wanna See 

When You’re Lurking And You Get Your Feelings Hurt

When That One Person Who You Know Been Lurking Your Page

Yeah I See You

Yeah We’re Still Together 

You Lurking On IG 

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