20 Hilarious Bathroom Memes That Are Awkwardly True

In search of a really good bathroom meme?

Toilet humor is both popular and awkward. For children, they are quite funny. For adults, however, bathroom jokes often hit a little too close to home. And if you are someone who’s used the bathroom as an excuse at work or at a party, you’ll know how true that is.

If you are still in denial, we have this really funny bathroom meme collection that will surely make you laugh and feel awkward at the same time. Scroll down and see what we have in store for you.

You Said

When You See

When You Have

When You Forget

When You Clog

When I See

Me When I’m Sitting

Went To Bathroom

This Is Me

This Definitely

Bathroom Break

That Awkward Moment


Let Bad Luck Brian

Inside The Bathroom

If People Could Stop

If I Were To Wait

How Long Can I Stay

Going To The Bathroom

Before Cellphones

Remember to pick your favorite bathroom meme and send it to everyone who’s having a bad day.