20 Pick-Up Line Memes That Actually Work

Pick-up lines are tricky to use. If you aren’t careful, you can end up looking creepy and weird.¬† And instead of attracting people, they’ll avoid you like the plague. So, instead of sending random hints, put this pick-up line meme collection to work.

Newton’s Law Of Universal Gravitation

Hey Girl Do You Love Water

Is Your Name Winter

Hey Girl Is Your Name Google

Do You Have A Sitemap

Hey Beautiful

Are You Copper

You’re So Beautiful

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight

Are You Religious

I’ve Been Reading The Book Of Numbers

Are You A Gorilla Exhibit

Did You Fart

Wanna Be My Girlfriend

Hey Girl 

You Must Be The Square Root Of Two

If I Am Attracted To You

I May Not Be The Most Handsome Guy In The Room

How Many Times Do I Have To March Around You

I Was Gonna Read

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