18 Bad Friend Memes That Are Actually Good


Good friends will always be there for you when you need support, care, and encouragement. They will also be there whenever you’re feeling low and you need a good laugh.

While there are good friends, there are also bad friends who will constantly make you feel awful. They’ll manipulate you and take over your life in a negative way.

If you’re currently dealing with people like that, don’t worry. Today’s bad friend meme collection will make you feel a lot better. Enjoy!

And Now I See

Either You’re My Best Friend

Everyone Has That One Internet Friend

For Fun

Gets Injured Infornt

Hey Can I Borrow

I Know A Short Cut

My Mom Thinks

Not Sure If I’m A Bad Friend

Sorry I’ve Been A Bad Friend Lately

Stops Hanging Out

Tells Funny Yo Mama Joke

When U Accidentally Hurt

When You’re Hungover

Tells A Bad Joke

When Your Friends


You’re A Bad Friend

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