18 Physical Therapy Memes To Uplift Your Mood

There are tons of reasons why a person may need to undergo physical therapy. It can be to reduce pain, avoid surgery, improve balance, and manage issues related to aging. It can also be required if a person is recovering from a sports injury or stroke.

Although beneficial, physical therapy isn’t always that great. Sometimes, it’s boring and dull. In some cases, it can cause mild discomfort and pain. If you’ve been doing PT, you’re probably too familiar with those experiences.

Now, to make you feel a little bit better and to make your recovery a lot more fun, we’re sharing with you the best physical therapy memes below. Enjoy!

Back In My Day

Broken Leg

Every Day

I Don’t Always Go To Physical Therapy

I’m Full Of Subluxations

I’m Not Feeling Very Well

In Soviet Russia

I Thought That I Somehow Teleported

I Will Look For You

Just Stop Right There

Must Do The Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist

Suffering Leads To Pain

The Look After

What If I Told You

You Can’t Spell Party

You’re Having Pain

You’re In 10/10 Pain

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