20 Hilarious Memes That Say You’re Just Kidding

Not all people can take a good joke well. So, when you find yourself in a tight spot like that, you can just say you don’t really mean it.

Since it’s hard to come up with a subtle way of saying that, we’ve put together this funny just kidding meme collection. Pick your favorite and send it to anyone you’ve offended.

Chill Out


Happy Wednesday

I Am Serious

I Was Just Kidding 

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

I’m Not Always Awesome

Incoming Ballistic Missile

Just Kidding Calm Down Bro

Just Kidding Have A Good One

Just Kidding

Just Kidding I Don’t Know That Feel

Just Kidding Keep Up The Great Work

Just Kidding

Just Kidding Pure Class

LOL Just Kidding 

Lol Just Kidding

Nope Just Kidding


Yo Dawg

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