40 Happy Dance Memes to Put a Smile on Your Face

Did something amazing happen to you? Did you find the person of your dreams? Did you get a raise at work? Did a little something bring you a ton of joy today? If yes, what you need is a happy dance.

Let all your friends and family know just how pleased you are today with these celebratory happy dance memes.

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Happy Dance Time

Doing The Happy Dance 

Doin’ The Happy Dance

This Is My Happy Dance

happy dance this is meme

Happy Dance

Doing The Friday Happy Dance

happy dance doing meme

If I Did

happy dance i do my meme

We Did It

happy dance we did it meme

My Happy Dance

my happy dance meme

Love Love

happy dance love meme

Its Never A Bad Time

happy dance never a bad time meme

Go Ahead

happy dance go ahead meme

Weight Loss 

When Your Package Say’s Out For Delivery

happy dance out for delivery meme

My Happy Dance

New Girl At Work

Happy Dance

StarWars Happy Dance Of Awesome

Serve Me That Step

When Your Parents Leave For Weekend

happy dance parents meme

Cha Cha Real Smooth

Chacha real smooth Dance Meme

Damn It John

happy dance damn it meme

Dance So Fresh

happy dance so fresh meme

Dance Teachers Be Like

Dance Teacher Dance Meme

Everyday Im Shufflin

Everyday im sheeplin Dance Meme

Fuck This Shit

happy dance tango meme

How Normal Girls Dance

How normal girls Dance Meme

I Am An International Dancer

I am an international dancer Dance Meme

I Don’t Know Man

I dont know man Dance Meme

I Got The Moves

happy dance i got the moves meme

I Haz Teah Moovz

happy dance jagger meme

I Just Wanna

I just wanna Dance Meme

Just Because You Can’t Dance

happy dance shouldnt meme

Let Me Explain

happy dance let me explain meme

My Dance Crew

happy dance crew meme

Scruffy Get Back Here

happy must dance meme

Gangnam Style

Up Shut

We Like To Move It

When You Don’t Want To Dance

happy dance dont want to meme

Share the good vibes and your favorite happy dance meme to brighten up all of your friends’ day!