30 Happy Birthday Memes For Your Best Friend


Bestfriends are one of our most precious blessings. This person is our beloved companion, our cheerleader when we need motivating, a shoulder to cry on when we are despondent, and a tough-love mirror when we need a dose of reality.

On your best friend’s birthday, shower your best pal with love. Make her smile with these funny bestfriend memes.

1Yeah Shorty


3Happy Birthday


5Hello It’s Me

6When People Sing Happy Birthday To You

7Happy Birthday

8Yeah Happy Birthday

9I See It Is Your Birthday

10Happy Birthday Bro

11This Is Me Wishing You A Bill Murray Kind Of Birthday

12Remember Age Gets Better With Wine

13Happy Birthday Baby

14Happy Birthday

15Happy Birthday

16I Was Going To Make You A Rum Cake For Your Birthday

17Happy Birthday

18Happy Birthday Girl

19Brace Yourselves

20Happy Birthday Best Friend

21I Can’t Believe There Was A Time I Used To Bearly Know You

22Happy Birthday

23Happy Birthday Best Friend

24Happy Birthday

25Best Friend Celebrating Another Birthday

26Happy Birthday Dawg

27happy birthday best friend dawg meme

28Did My Best Friend Just Have A Birthday

29Happy Birthday

30Happy Birthday

31Glad You’re Part Of My Wolfpack