20 Colorful Happy Birthday Memes For Your Gay Friend

Looking for a gay happy birthday meme?

Having a gay friend is extra special. You’ll always have a shopping partner and someone who will be there for you no matter what. Gay friends are brutally honest and they can give great advice when it comes to guys.  They won’t complain and they’ll stick with you no matter how much of a drama queen you’re becoming.

Now, for your friends’ birthday, do something special to make his day more memorable. These happy birthday memes are a sure way to get started. So, what are you waiting for?

Bitch Please 

Happy Birthday Beautiful

Happy Birthday Big Guy

Happy Birthday Gay Boy

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Round Nut

Happy Birthday Sexy Boy

Happy Birthday You Big Gay Bear

Happy Birthday You Fab Gay Unicorn You

Happy Birthday You Gay Bitch

Happy Birthday You Sexy Thing

Hey Girl Happy Birthday

It’s Your Birthday Time To Shake It

Let Your Birthday Party Be The Gayest Ever

Oh Guys You Shouldn’t Have

Remember When You Were Young And Gay

The Biebz Says Happy Birthday

The Dothraki Have No Word For “Happy Birthday”

We’ll Put In A Happy Little Birthday Over Here