16 Golf Memes That Will Make Your Day

There are so many things that make golf great. For one, you can eat and drink while you’re playing. It allows you to practice anywhere and it doesn’t have any age limit. You can play as an individual or as a team. Because the sport is so good, it’s not surprising to find it as a common meme subject.

And today, we want to show to you the best golf memes you’ll find on the internet. These memes are so good you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling.

A Beer A Hole They Said

Don’t Tell My Wife


If Golf Is A Sport

I May Love Golf

Knocks Ball Off Of Tee

Says He’s Playing Terribly

Screw  It


The Part Of The Game

The Trouble

When You Find Your Ball

When You Hate

Who Gets Hurt Playing Golf

You Hit The Ball Too High

You Tell Mother Nature

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