24 Lazy Memes to Make Your Day So Much Better

We all have that day when we feel extra lazy. No matter what we do and how many productivity hacks we read, we just can’t force ourselves to get up and move. We just want to stay still and just do nothing.

If you’re feeling lazy today, try humor. It’s one of the most effective ways to bring more positive vibes into your day.

Laziness Level

I’m Busy

I’m Done

I’m Not Lazy

Just Did Homework

Let’s Go For A Walk

Not Sure If Lazy


Procrastinators Unite

Put On Gym Clothes

Someone Called Me Lazy

Someone Please

Stop Trying

There Is Lazy

To Do List

When Ur Being Lazy

You Can Do Anything


Me Every Morning

Your Friend Tags You

Not Sure If Lazy

I Could Go Faster

How Lazy Are You

Difficulty Mode

Feeling slow? Pick your favorite lazy meme and share it with everyone having a really slow day.