24 Dachshund Memes That Will Totally Make Your Day

Dachshunds are simply the best. They are great cuddlers and they take their job as guard dogs very seriously. They have this irresistible charm that can easily melt anyone’s heart.

Another thing that makes them extra special is their personality. They can make you smile even without trying so hard. They can make you laugh hard, too.

If you can’t get enough of their charm, here’s an awesome dachshund meme collection that’ll make you really happy today.

You Threw It

When You Meet

When Someone Has Explained

What Do You Mean

The Main Job

Takes Hour And A Half Walk

Someone Is At The Door

Silence Is Golden

Schnazi The Dachshund

Quit Nagging Me

Most Days

Looks Like Rain

Look Deeply Into My Eyes

Let’s Get A Quick

If You Don’t Want Me To Shit On The Rug

I Fiercely Barked At The Mailman

I Don’t Always Poop On The Carpet

I Am So Glad

Hold It

Guess Where I Pooped

Every Meal You Make

Do You Mean To Tell Me



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