20 Funny Valentine’s Day Memes For Singles


If you’ve been spending Valentine’s Day the same way for the last couple of years, it can be pretty boring. So, instead of staying at home, checking out how your friends are celebrating and feeling envious, check out this funny Valentine’s Day meme collection. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh and feel lighter.

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Am I The Only One Around Here

Do You Have A Date For Valentine’s Day

Everybody Out Here Looking For Valentines

Happy Valentines Day

I Did Absolutely Nothing Today

I’ll Be Celebrating Valentine’s Day Hans Style

I’m Going To Spend Valentine’s Day With My Ex 

Is Netflix A Valentine

Is Your Name Wifi

My Plans For Valentine’s Day

Roses Are Red Yiolets Are Blue 

Shows Up At Midnight With Flowers And Chocolate

Single On Valentine’s Day 

Tonight You Dine Alone

Valentine’s Day Posts Everywhere

Valentine’s Day? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Valentines Day Is Around The Corner

What If I Told You

When People Ask Wat U Doin For Valentine’s Day

You’re Pretty Sweet I Guess 

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