40 Single Memes That Will Make You Happy You’re Alone

Being single isn’t entirely a bad thing. For one, you only have yourself to look after. There’s nobody telling you what you can or cannot do. You can stay out late without someone looking for you and you can spend time with your close friends without another person constantly calling and texting you.

Being single, however, can get lonely at times. And for those instances, we have just the right collection to cheer you up. Check out our humorous single meme collection.

When You’re Single But Still Get In Trouble

single trouble meme

Honestly I’m Probably Single

single honestly meme

When Someone Ask Me Why I’m Still Single

single when someone asks meme

I’m Single

single because meme

I’m Single AF

single af meme

Ready To Flamingle

single ready to flamingle meme

When My Crush Complains About Being Single

Why My Past Relationships Didn’t Work Out

single past relationships meme

I Think I Want To Stay Single

stay single meme

When Everybody Thinks You’re Taken

single everybody thinks meme

When Men Flirt With Me

Single Because I Like People

single because i like people meme

How’s Single Life?

Imma Find Someone Special Eventually

single find someone special meme

When Someone Asks Why I’m Still Single

Over 30 

I’m Not Always Single

single not always meme

I’m Not Really Single

single not really meme

Singles See Happy Couples Everywhere

Brace Yourself

single brace yourself meme

Complain About Being Single

Being Single Doesn’t Mean You’re A Loser

Everyone’s Falling In Love

single everyone falling in love meme

How I Sleep Knowing That I’m Single

single how i sleep meme

How I Think I Flirt

single how i think meme

I Been Single So Long

single so long meme

I’m So Tired Of Being Single

In Case You Ever Feel Bad About Being Single

single in case you ever feel bad meme

This Summarizes My Love Life

Being Single

being single meme

When U Didn’t Wanna Get Ur Hopes Up

single stop textin back meme

All My Friends Are Getting Ready To Go Out

single being home like meme

Being Single Is Boring

Dudes Be Like

Love Is In the Air

What If I Told You

When Your Family Asks About Your Love Life

single when your family asks meme

Me Giving Relationship Advice To My Friends

single relationship advice meme

When My Mom Asks Me Why I’m Still Single

single when my mom asks meme

When Someone Asks Me Why I’m Single

single why meme

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