15 Extremely Funny Traffic Memes to Get You Through the Long Hours on the Road

Traffic is probably one of the least desirable things you have to go through whenever you’re going out. Whether it’s going to work, school or to run some errands, traffic can be a problem. You’ll have to spend a longer time on the road, use more fuel than necessary, and put your patience to a test.

These things, however, don’t mean that traffic is entirely bad. Even though it’s inconvenient, a lot of good things can happen while you’re stuck on the road.

To give you some idea, we’ve put together this really funny traffic meme collection. Check it out and pick your favorite meme that’ll get you through the long hours on the road.

5 Minutes Of Rain

Doesn’t Like


Screw Traffic

Take The Highway

This Is How

Traffic Stopped

Welcome To


When I’m Stuck In Traffic

When You Go

Traffic Won’t Be That Bad

You Know NYC Traffic

What I’m Doing

Me Stuck In Traffic

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