40 Funny School Memes For Students

School is both Purgatory on Earth and a bunch of laughs. These funny school memes show all the funny things that can happen in school.

Bus rides, class monitors, endless tests, difficult teachers, boring subjects — they may feel like such a pain in the ass right now but someday, believe it or not, you’ll feel very nostalgic for them.

In the meantime, enjoy these funny school memes.

You Go To School Nothing Happens

funny school miss one day memes

Children And Seat Belt

funny school seatbelt memes

Dear Teacher I Talk To Everyone

funny school dear teacher memes

When Your Teacher Says

funny school highlight memes

Look at Your Friend Like This

funny school pick a partner memes

Finishing Homework the Day Its Due

And Then the Teacher Said

funny school take notes memes

My Reaction

When the Teacher Asks Who Is Presenting Next

funny school presenting next memes

When You Go Back To School

funny school when you go back memes

In A Dead Silent Classroom

Need Parent’s Signature

funny school parents signature memes

When My Teacher Ask For Participants

funny school i volunteer memes

Do I Still Have To Take the Test

funny school test memes

Did I Really Just Call My Teacher Mom

funny school call teacher mom memes

I Can’t Wait To Go Back To School

funny school cant wait to go back memes

Looking at Somebody During an Exam Like

You Have A Test Today Reaction

funny school test today memes

Friday Funny School Meme

When The Bell Rings

funny school bell rings memes

Are You Excited To Be A Senior

Calls On You

Did You Really Just Ask

funny school ask memes

Due Tomorrow

funny school due tomorrow memes

Looks At Reflection

funny school cafeteria memes

People Who Get Straight A’s

funny school straight a memes

Primary School

Students Be Like

funny school students be like memes

Teacher’s Face

funny school teachers face memes

That Face You Make In School

funny school that face you make memes

Welcome Back

funny school welcome back memes

When Finally

When I’m Sick During A Holiday

funny school sick memes

When Teacher Uses My Name

funny school good example memes

When The Loudest Sound In The Room

funny school loudest sound memes

When The Only Question You Know

funny school name memes

When You Confidently Blurt Out An Answer

funny school blurt out wrong answer memes

When Your Teacher Walks By You

funny school when your teacher walks by memes

When You Try And Convince Your Teacher

Why Are You Packing Already

funny school 25 seconds left memes

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