15 Back To School Memes That Perfectly Show How All of Us Really Feel

Going back to school can make you feel different emotions at once. For one, you’ll feel happy to see your classmates and old friends. Second, you’ll feel sad about not being allowed to sleep and wake up late anymore. Plus, there’s the excitement of getting to know new people, the anxiety of meeting new teachers, and the stress of going through exams and homework for the next few months. Teachers and parents can totally relate to all those emotions as well.

To add to your excitement and make you feel even more pumped to get your classes started, here’s an awesome back to school meme collection you’ll definitely love. Go ahead and enjoy!

When You  Start

When You See

When Another Teacher

What If I Told You

The Children

So You’re Excited

New Teachers Be Like

Moms Be Like

It’s Back To School Time

In Other News

Yeah If You Could

How You Feel When

How Teachers Look

First Day Of School

Back To School

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