17 Funny Military Memes For Everyone To Enjoy

The military seem to be some of the most serious people you can find around the world. You can see it by their professional ethics: Their job demands the highest level of discipline, dedication and professionalism. Nobody will really laugh during a national disaster.

However, we all need some humor. There are times that military humor can only be understood by people that have served and those of their family.

You’d be surprised as to how our military can be funny too and have a good time in pauses between hardcore training and playwars. Do you want to see some funny military memes? Let’s get it!

ACU Cammo

Can You Find


I’d Catch

If You Don’t

It’s Okay

This Moment

Sweep The House, She Said. 

The Awkward Moment

They Got Us

Veterans Day

We Heard

When Color’s Play

When People Complain

When You Have

Hard Day At Work?

Just Mud