20 Friendzone Memes That Are Tragically Funny


Getting rejected is no joke. It’s painful, embarrassing, and frustrating. In certain cases, it can even be confusing, particularly when you’re planning to be romantically involved yet the other person simply wants to remain friends. If someone has put you in the friend zone, you’ll know exactly how that feels.

Now, to make you feel a bit better, we’ve collected some really cool friendzone memes. This collection will surely leave you smiling. Go ahead and enjoy!

There’s No Such Thing

Realizes That

Listen I Really Like You

Not Even Friendzoned

One Does Not Simply

Level 99


What If I Told You

I Will Be Your Guide

Oh So You Just

8 Months

I Don’t Know If I’ll Always Be


Not Sure If I’m Trapped

When You Text Her

Even The Fastest Man Alive

You Are My Most Trusted Advisor

I’m Dreaming

When You’re So Deep In The Friend ZoneĀ 

Friend Zone Me

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