20 Funny Life Changing Eating Healthy Memes

You can’t deny that having a proper diet of healthy and nutritious food is a must for a healthy and long life. I, for one, would rather be munching on chocolate bars, spooning creamy Neopolitan ice cream and munching on the cheesiest pepperoni pizza almost every day over a stick of celery and a dollop of hummus. It takes a community to eat healthily and a disciplined lifestyle to live a fruitful life.

Alas, the challenges of saying NO to cheat days and daily frappucinos takes such a toll on the minds of the weak stomached. That is why eating healthy memes abound the internet. It’s our only outlet to an otherwise impossible task of daily carrot sticks and salad greens.

Let’s take a look at these memes now, shall we?

Actual Footage

That Day Shall Come

Are You Eating Healthy?

Checking To See Effects Of Healthy Eating

Day 2 Of Eating Healthy

I’m Going To Eat Healthy… Tomorrow… Maybe.

I’m Gonna Eat Healthy, Said Who?

You Deserve It

Healthy Eating. Giant Cheerio Edition

It’s All In The Mind

Start Eating More

Started My New Diet

Me When I Started My New Diet Plan

What If I Told You I Don’t Want To Be Normal

Struggle Is Real

When People Try

I Promise I’ll Start Tomorrow

Regretting My Life Choices

When You Didn’t Mean To Eat Healthily

You Say Healthy Eating Is Expensive?

I hope we gave you a few minutes of joy enough to forget that you will have asparagus and green beans for dinner yet again.