30 Dentist Memes That Are Seriously Funny

Not everyone is fond of going to the dentist. In fact, most people dread the visit. Apart from the fear of needing dental works and the cost associated with them, there’s also the fear of experiencing pain and discomfort. Bad memories and fear of instruments can make you feel anxious about seeing the dentist, too.

To make your visit to the dental clinic a bit more bearable, we prepared this really funny dentist meme collection just for you.

And Then I Said

dentist wont hurt a bit meme

Beware Asking For Bluetooth

Has Dentist’s Large Breasts

dentist male meme

Heres Your Problem

How Other People See Dentist

I Can’t Feel My Face

dentist cant feel my face meme

I Don’t Always Wear Gloves

dentist two gloves meme

I Don’t Know Who You Are

If People Could Brush Their Teeth

dentist brush their teeth meme

I Haven’t Been To The Dentist In 8 Years

I Need To See A Dentist

dentist need meme

Maybe He Will Think I Take Good Care Of My teeth

My Dentist Told Me I Need A Crown

Never Went To The Dentist

Numbs Your Mouth

dentist numbs meme

Open Up

dentist open up meme

This Was In My Dentist’s Waiting Room

dentist waiting room meme

Told My Boss I Have A Dentist Appointment

Welcome To My Office

dentist welcome meme


dentist what meme

When The Dentist Asks

dentist asks meme

When Was The Last Time You Flossed

dentist flossed meme

You Really Should Use 

Your Gums Look Sensitive

When You Brush Your Teeth For 10 Seconds

dentist 10 seconds meme

Before And After

dentist before and after meme

How Was Your Summer

dentist how was your summer meme


dentist nobody meme

You Need A Crown

dentist you need a crown meme

The Dentist Isn’t So Bad

dentist isnt so bad meme

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