20 Not Funny Memes You Can Totally Send To Your Friends

While it’s true that laughter is the best medicine, it doesn’t mean that all jokes are good for you. Some of them can make you feel bad while others can irritate you and stress you out. If you’re looking for ways to make your day better, those are the last things you’d want to happen.

The good news is that our collection today will surely do you good. With 20 really witty not funny memes, you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing.

So, go ahead and scroll down to find your favorite not funny meme! We guarantee—you won’t regret it.

Not funny

Edward snowden Not funny Meme

Meme not funny

Go to sleep Not funny Meme

That’s so funny

I almost died laughing Not funny Meme


Jamie Not funny Meme

My cat got covered in flour

My cat is covered with flour Not funny Meme

B*tch, please…

Please stop Not funny Meme

That’s not even…

Remotely funny Not funny Meme

You’re so funny

See how much i laughed Not funny Meme
So funny i forgot to laugh Not funny Meme

So funny

This is not funny

Someone dropped their lunch Not funny Meme

That’s not funny

That's not even Not funny Meme

The lie detector test

The lie detector test Not funny Meme

When you are seriously trying

Trying to understand boss Not funny Meme

Not funny

Unimpressed cat Not funny Meme

When someone tells a joke

When someone tells a joke Not funny Meme

It’s not funny

When you are next Not funny Meme

Suga is not amused

Yoongi Not funny Meme

You’re not funny

You are not funny so shut up Not funny Meme

You don’t have to laugh

You don't have to laugh Not funny Meme

You think this is a joke?

You think this is a funny joke Not funny Meme

Got at least a chuckle out of these memes? Don’t forget to pick your favorite not funny meme and share it with everyone you know!