20 Chicken Memes That Are Surprisingly Funny

Chickens can be extremely funny. Their behaviors are hilarious and their movements are full of extreme silliness. They run around in a really weird way and they make this unique sound that can make you crack up. Chickens really do the funniest things and this chicken meme collection perfectly sums that up. Check it out and see what we mean!

Oh No

So I Said

What Did The Elephant Say To The Mouse

You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood

I Am In A Very Fowl Mood

I Suspect 

When Your Crush Walks In And You Pretend You Got Game

Cluck And Share If You Agree


Like A Chicken Boss

If You Strike Me Down

The Chicken May Cross The Road

Chicken Swag

Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat

In Morley’s We Trust

How’s My Hair

What Are The Roads For

Why Did The Chicken

I Don’t Wanna Be A Nugget

Why Does A Chicken Coop Only Have Two Doors

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