18 Buddy The Elf Memes You Won’t Be Able To Stop Sharing


If you had fun watching Buddy The Elf, then we guarantee that you’ll love this Buddy The Elf meme collection.

Played by Will Ferrell, Buddy was a bit different from most elves which was why he was often bullied. Feeling like he didn’t belong to his community, he decided to look for his parents after knowing that he’s actually a human. From there, Buddy’s funny adventures started.

But First

Did Someone Say

Does Somebody Need A Hug

Get Excited

I Just Like To Smile


I Love Christmas

I Miss You

It’s November 1st

It’s Only 24 Days & 2 Hours

It’s The Day Before The Day

Not Sure If Free Candy

Professor Tells You The Final Will Be Easy

Rainbow Sparkle

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer

We Elves Try To Stick

When I’m Watching Titanic

You Sit

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