30 Bad Haircut Memes To Make You Laugh

For some people, getting a haircut is like starting a new life. It refreshes one’s perspective and renews one’s belief in himself. But if you get a bad hair cut, it’s a totally different story.

It can lower your self-esteem that you’ll just want to disappear under layers and layers of scarves and hats. You’ll feel embarrassed and disappointed.

Because we understand what you’re going through, we present to you this really funny bad haircut meme collection. Hopefully, it makes you feel better.

What Do You Want

Whatchu Want

Barber: What Do You Want

bad haircut never get laid meme

What Kind Of Haircut Do You Want

bad haircut what do you want meme

Watchu Want Fam

Craving for Croissants

bad haircut craving for croissants meme

Get A Bowl Cut They Said

bad haircut bowl cut meme

Has Bad Haircut

Do You Like Onions

Gimme That First Page

I Don’t Always Get A Bad Haircut

bad haircut i dont always meme

I Just Want A Trim

Me Waiting On Chelsea

bad haircut me waiting meme

New Year New Haircut

bad haircut new year meme

Say No More

bad haircut ruin my life meme

That’s A Jacked Up Haircut

bad haircut jacked up meme

This Boy Look Like Stinky Peterson

bad haircut stinky peterson meme


bad haircut wat meme

What It Looks Like

What Kind Of Cut You Want

When The Barber Spins You Around

When The Hairstylist Asks

When You Get A Bad Haircut

bad haircut when you get meme

When You’re A Barber

When Your Mom Chooses Your Haircut

You Know That Moment When You Pour Milk Into Your Tea

bad haircut milk into your tea meme

Your Wife Just Returned From The Salon

Bee Movie Premiere

bad haircut bee movie meme

I Wanna Feel Like I’m In Jail

bad haircut jail bars meme

Ever Seen The Moon

bad haircut the moon meme