25 Annoyed Memes For When You’re Really Irritated

It can be frustrating having to keep your emotions in check when you’re starting to get pretty annoyed. This is so true when you’re trying not hurt someone else’s feelings or you just don’t want to be rude.

Here are some relatable “annoyed memes” that just might help dissolve all that stress and irritation because humor really is the best solution to everything.

When You Message Someone

Wow Not Bad

annoyed not bad at all meme

My Face After I Give Instructions

Are You Pharreal Right Now

annoyed pharreal meme

Am I The Only One Around Here

I’m Not Saying You’re Annoying

annoyed im not saying meme

Am Not Sure If I’m Annoyed Or Amused

not sure if annoyed meme



annoyed really meme

This Is My Oh What A Surprise Face

annoyed what a surprise face meme

100% Unimpressed

annoyed unimpressed meme

When Your Parents Confront You In Your Room

annoyed parents meme

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Stuck Between A Rock

annoyed feelings meme

You Are Doing Drop Games And Banning People

Are You Serious

annoyed are you serious meme

When You’re On Instagram 24/7

When You Message Someone But Always Get Short Responses

annoyed message meme


annoyed disapproval meme

When You Didn’t Get Enough Sleep

annoyed did not get enough sleep meme

When Someone Asks You A Dumb Question At Work

annoyed dumb question at work meme

Your Face When You Can’t Escape That Annoying Person

annoyed face meme

When Someone You Hate Is Breathing

annoyed hate meme

Mood At Work

annoyed mood at work meme

When Some Says What For The Third Time

annoyed what meme

Do Y’all Ever Get Pre-Annoyed

pre annoyed meme

If you can’t get mad at people outright, throw some shade on your timeline with a relatable annoyed meme.