20 Incredibly Funny WTF Memes


Before sharing our awesome collection of WTF memes, let’s talk about the fascinating origin of “WTF”. According to Huffington Post, “Language historian Ben Zimmer says he found the earliest instance of “WTF” in a 1985 Usenet post titled “Ramblings.”

“Upon booting I received a message saying “PLEASE INSERT WORD MASTER,” a user named Jay Fields wrote. “I asked myself, ‘W.T.F.?’”

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This collection of incredibly funny WTF memes will definitely crack you up for a while. Share your favorites with your friends and colleagues on social media.

1Bruh, WTF?

2Dude WTF Is Wrong With You

3Brought To You By The Letters WTF

4I Cant Even WTF Right Now

5Lol!! WTF?!

6Ummm, Yes I Have A Question… WTF?

7Wait Are You Telling Me You Lost!!! WTF!


9WTF Bro

10WTF Did He Just Say

11WTF Did I Just Read

12WTF Did You Just Say?


14WTF Is Going On Here

15WTF Is Going On In This Conversation?

16WTF Is This?

17WTF Is This Status

18WTF Lol


20Yo WTF Dawg